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Bernard's Plumbing
is the leading expert at slab leak detection and repair in the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex. Our slab leak specialists have the ability to pinpoint leaks under your slab foundation quickly and efficiently with advanced leak locating techniques. Backed by years of experience, you can be confident in your choice to let the slab leak experts at Bernard's Plumbing take control of your plumbing system in Coppell, Keller, or Flower Mound..

Our plumbing staff understands how frightening and confusing an unexpected plumbing problem can be. Especially, when you hear the term "Slab Leak". A pipe leaking under your slab foundation can cause serious damage if left untreated. Early slab leak detection is critical in perserving the structure of your home. Our dedicated plumbing staff knows how important your home is to you. When you choose Bernard's Plumbing to handle your slab leak you can feel confident knowing that you have chosen an experienced slab leak company who cares about you and your home.

Call Bernard's Plumbing today for a FREE SLAB LEAK estimate. Our licensed plumber's use their slab leak experience to find the best possible solution for your particular situation.  We will answer any questions you have about leaks under the slab foundation. Bernard's Plumbing provides an upfront pricing system so you won't have any hidden surprises when your job is completed.

Not sure if you have a slab leak? Here are a few signs that you shouldn't ignore.

  • Higher than usual water bills
  • Low water pressure
  • Moisture or wetness in your floor
  • Hot or warm spots on you floor
  • Sounds of dripping or running water from an unknown source




Slab Leaks Explained :

A "slab leak" is a common term used in the plumbing industry. A slab leak is what occurs when a water or sewer line that is buried under a concrete foundation begins to leak. A leak in the water lines is the easiest for a homeowner to identify, because the continual flow of water pressure on the piping causes more noticable damage at a faster rate. A sewer line leak is less noticable to a homeowner initially, because there is no way to measure how much waste is flowing through or leaking out of the piping as you can with say a high water bill. Sewer line leaks are sometimes referred to in the plumbing industry as "silent killers." There are different factors that could cause a pipe under your  slab to leak. The initial installation of the water or sewer lines if installed incorrectly can cause future leaks. One example of an improperly installed water line is piping that is to small in diameter to handle the water pressure that is flowing through it. Leaks can also occur at the joints or where the piping bends. Materials that are used initially can also be the cause of a leak. If the piping used has an imperfection to it, or it gets hit by equipment used by workers after the piping has been laid a future leak can form. The PH levels in the water running through the pipes can also be a prime cause of corrosion. Shifting of the slab foundation whether it be from moisture levels in the soil or poor craftmanship can cause the pipes to pull apart also creating leaks.

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